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Wednesday Nights are back in person

We had an incredible Wednesday night last week. We met in person in the gym and had 27 teens. It was great seeing everyone and everybody did a great job listening to instructions, keeping their masks on and worshipping together. Since we had such a great week, we will continue in person Wednesday nights for the foreseeable future. Come join us at 7PM. The entrance will be at the back door of the gy,. You can have your ride drop you off in the alley by the corner of the church. That is also the place where they will pick you up. We will end by 8 PM. Masks are required the entire time that you are in the building except when you are eating your snack. Yes! There are snacks, and games, and worship, and small groups. We will continue to social distance in our seating but it is so much better than being online only. Come join us!

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