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-  You may quote one verse per Wednesday night and Sunday Morning.

-  The specific times you can quote your verse on those days are.  Sunday mornings 15 minutes before and after Sunday school and 15 minutes before and after Wednesday nights.

-  You must quote the verse in its entirety verbatim from the NIV version of the bible. 

-  You only get one chance at the verse with no do-overs.  You may not have any reference materials on hand when quoting the verse.

-  If you quote a verse that is open on the board, (Meaning no one else has quoted it before) and you quote correctly, you get the space.

-  If someone owns the space on the board that you want to quote, you can challenge for the space.

- The person you are challenging must be present to challenge.  If they are absent after challenging them twice, then you can quote for the space as if it was unoccupied.

-  When challenging, the person who owns the space has the chance to quote the verse verbatim.  If they are successful in quoting then the challenge is over.

-  If they are unsuccessful in quoting the verse, then the challenger has the opportunity to quote the verse and if done correctly take the space.

-  A space can only be challenged once a day.

-  Each participant may only attempt one quote a day.  An unsuccessful challenge is still considered an attempt at a quote.

-  If you wish to quote the verse in a different version, that version must be stated before you quote.

-  Prizes will be rewarded at progressive dinners on April 3rd.

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