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Just wanted to welcome all of the incoming 6th graders to youth group. I know this transition is kind of weird. We usually have one day of move up and everything is ready, but you come to us in an awesome period of transition. We have a new youth area, and last year we took on a new name SCNY and a new logo. You probably don't care about that. What you care about is WHAT CAN I DO? Right now we are meeting on Wednesday nights at the church from 7:00pm - 8:00pm. The gym will be available at 6:30 for Open Gym. Sunday school is still a little different until the 12th of September. Right now, all of the teens are meeting in the new youth room above the cafe to watch episodes of "The Chosen" from 11 to Noon. What else? Well if you like fantasy football, the teens have their own fantasy football league. Let Pastor Chris know you would like to play. There will be a lot more coming up including information about youth group for your parents. Keep watching this site and follow us on Instagram @SCNY.

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