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Trip to Cedar Point

So you guys have listed this as one of the things that we had to do this year. So here it is. Saturday, October 5th. We are heading to Cedar Point. We are not going to take a tour bus and because of that space is limited. Cost is going to be $65 and will include the transportation, ticket and an all day beverage wristband which will make sure you stay hydrated. If you are interested in going, you need to RSVP with Pastor Chris or Cassie by giving them a $20 deposit. The remaining money will be due by September 31st. This is also a first paid, first go. We will leave at 5:30am and will be back around midnight. You will be responsible for souvenirs and all food for the day. You are more than welcome to bring food for the van and outside the park, but you cant take anything in and we will not be going back out to the van once we enter the park. Cedar Point is known as the Coaster Capitol and we would recommend that those going enjoy riding rides to get the full experience and you money's worth.

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