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New Year, New Look

We had our first regular Wednesday night of the new school year and it was great seeing everyone again. We were able to keep in contact with a lot of the teens over the summer, but it was great to see them all together again.

Just a couple of dates to remind you of.

September 21 - Sonfest - Cost is $30 and includes, ticket, transportation, supper, drinks and snacks.

October 5th - Cedar Point - You all asked for it, so we planned a trip. We will let you know cost here in the next week, just wanted to let you know we are going.

The title of this post references the fact that we have officially transitioned to our new name. After 18 years, we have decided to drop the name CrossEyed teens. Whenever I would tell people we were CrossEyed teens, I would get two responses. "Are you a support group for crosseyed people?" or "What's that?". I would inevitably have to tell them that we were South Charleston Nazarene Youth group. So that is what we will be known by from now on. SCNY. South Charleston Nazarene Youth. We will just make it easy.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the church or fill out the contact form on the site.

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