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Weekly Update 5/13

Her is the weekly update:

- Wednesday is our End of School Year Party. We have gone big this year and are going to Skyzone. We will be meeting at the church gym at 5:45pm and will be back at the church gym by 8:30pm. An online permission must be filled out and can be found here:

We are recommending a $5 donation for this event, but if you do not have it, come anyway. We want you there.

- This upcoming Sunday night we have been invited to be a part of a fun evening outside with a few churches in the South Charleston area. Meet at the church gym at 5:40pm on Sunday night and we will get back to the church around 8:00pm. It will be held at Oakes Field. We will be having food, playing games and having fun together with other christians in our area.

- This will be our last organized Wednesday night for the summer. We will be handing out a summer schedule at skyzone and will post it online. Summer is chock full of camps, and activities but we do not have a regular Wednesday night program. Follow us on instagram and facebook and on here for more updates.

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