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Upcoming week summary - March 25th. BLAST is coming!

This is our last week of the INVEST series. We are in preparation for district B.L.A.S.T which is on Saturday April 6th. District B.L.A.S.T is at our church and registration begins at 8:30 am. There are so many opportunities for participation both in sports and talent. There are three team sports, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer. You can play ping pong, chess, math competition, hot shot, and even archery and 5k (Archery and 5k are not held at the district level but will be at MVNU). On the talent side, you can sing or play an instrument. You can also submit, poetry, prose, painting, photography, digital assisted photography, and even preaching, crafts, choreographed worship (dance), and puppets. If you are a mime, we have a place for you. The cost is $15 (Which covers a t-shirt and activities). You can register online at blast

For more info, talk to Pastor Cassie or Pastor Chris.

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