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Mission Trip Details II: Were getting close. goes hopefully the last post regarding this trip. Several bullet points for you to pay attention to.

- This first one is a BIG change. You need to pay attention to it. Christian Wickline is going to bring Zach Nichols up with him on Saturday. This means that I am only taking the van and therefor a lot of the luggage space. So here is what we are going to do. I need you to pack a duffel bag, backpack with stuff you would need for just one night and then pack the rest of the stuff in another bag. We will leave the big bag at the church in a room for Christian to bring up Saturday. He will then be the luggage vehicle for the rest of the trip.

- We have a house that has a couple of physical beds, but for the most part we will be air mattressing it. If you have an air mattress(es) that you can bring please let me know. I have enough to sleep 4 right now but need several more.

- Money needs to be in before the trip. Remember if you haven't paid a deposit, it is $200,if you have paid the 50 dollar deposit , it is only $150. Forms don't have to be in until we leave Friday.

- I would like us to be there Friday at 9:00am. Yes I understand we probably won't leave till 9:30, but we need to get the luggage situation figured out so please be there by 9:00am.

- MONEY. I have been asked how much you will need. Your food, lodging and entertainment are all covered. This includes a lunch in the park and a drink in the park. If you want multiple drinks, multiple snacks, etc. That will be your responsibility. The only meals not covered are the lunch on the way there and the dinner on the way back. Both of those will be fast food. If we have money left over and have not spent it (Mainly grocery money) then we will provide the fast food meal coming back.

- Here is a detailed list of what you need to bring.


-You need some type of long pant for the bindery. We will be working the bindery..Sat, Mon, and Tuesday. Short sleeve shirts are fine.

- You will need a sleeping bag or sheets, a pillow, towels and toiletries.

-You can wear shorts for the rest of the times. No muscle shirts, keep the muscles to yourself.

-We will be going to church on Sunday. Please dress appropriately for a conservative church. Khakis, or jeans and a shirt.

- We will be at the fair a lot, especially on Sunday when the bindary is closed. So bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.

- Bring a swimsuit, we will be going swimming at the waterpark.

- You can bring whatever technology you want, I am just not responsible for any of it.

- Feel free to bring stuff that can occupy you time. I don't mind sporting equipment and games.

If there are any other questions, text me.

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